Health Alliance Blog

When I arrived at Health Alliance, their blog was outdated and neglected. I updated it with a more modern theme and design, organized the content into clear pages, categories, and tags, and went through to rewrite every single post to make the content informative and bring it up to our web style and brand standards.

I also integrated another blog the company had called Ask for Generics, added disease resources pages, and launched and continued to add to a health and wellness section with education on a variety of helpful topics, from talking to your doctor and what to expect at your physical to reading nutrition labels.

I also went through and updated the SEO for the entire site and for every post, which boosted its rankings, especially on certain health subjects, but also contributed to the overall SEO improvements we’d been able to make with our sites across the board.

These changes increased our views by over 4,330%, and our number of daily average visitors rose 400%. And it increased the blog’s community, taking it from 0 comments to over 180, and transformed it into a place where people could truly interact with health and wellness info.

  • Health Alliance Blog Home
    For the home page, it was especially important to me to have a theme that allowed me to feature content, like the videos and important posts, and added clear organization through categories, archives, and tags.